Flower Crown Tutorial


Flowers and spring go hand-in-hand so we were thrilled to see models draped in romantic blooms coming down the runway during Fashion Week. Floor-length floral dresses will be big this spring as fashion takes on a garden party look.

 Borough Shift Dresses Flower Crown Tutorial

We love a garden party, a floral maxi dress, and beautiful blooms! A flower crown is the perfect accessory to top off your romantic spring look. Flower crowns also happen to be one of our favorite crafting projects. Follow the steps below to make your own and breeze into spring 2016 adorned in blooms.

  1. Gather your materials:
  • 8-10 artificial flowers (we were in a ROYGBIV mood)
  • Green floral tape
  • Green floral wire
  • Wire Cutters (pink handles are of course a plus) 
  1. Prep your materials:
  • Pull the flowers off their hard wire stems (trying to work with this wire creates very sore fingers)
  • Cut pieces of floral wire and insert one piece of wire into the bottom of each bloom. If the blooms fall off double the wire over like shown. You can also use a glue gun to make sure the blooms stay on.
  • Make the base of the crown by using enough wire that it can wrap around your head twice where you want the crown to sit. Fold the wire in half and shape it around your head. Secure the wire by wrapping the loose ends around the folded end. 
  1. Add the flowers:
  • Lay your flowers out around the crown to determine spacing and order
  • Pick a starting point and wrap the flower wire around the crown base
  • Continue until all your flowers are secured onto the wire base
  • We added flowers all the way around, but you can also just add flowers to the front half 
  1. Add the floral tape
  • This is a key step if you don’t want wires poking into your head
  • Start wrapping the floral tape tightly around the wire
  • You’re going to go around twice, the first time overlap the tape as you go, the second time you can leave more space
  • You’re going to want to skip the second layer of tape, I know, but you need this layer to make the crown more sturdy
  • Pinch the end of tape to the base of the crown so it sticks to itself 
  1. Step back and admire your creation! Flower crown + Harleston Village Maxi in Borough Blooms = Spring Ready!


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